This is me

‘Just an ordinary guy, doing an extraordinary job’.  That’s how my therapist described me after my first session being treated for PTSD.  25 years in the Fire Service finally caught up with me, 25 years of things ‘things I can’t unsee’.  I lived a very black and white life, what you see is what you got, what I see is what I dealt with, or so I thought.  I never understood the power of the mind, I never realised what was going on in my subconscious mind, but my therapist opened my eyes to it all, and I was amazed.  I was also extremely curious.  And that’s what led me to study to Hypnosis, and ultimately to become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.  My mind was repackaged, reorganised or reprogrammed, however you want to call it, and I’m truely grateful for that.  Having that experience has given me the drive to want to help others.

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